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By the time many people reach the point of considering an FUE hair transplant, a great deal of their money has been spent on expensive hair treatments or remedies in almost all instances with limited success. Such costs are often just maintenance at best, not a definitive cure or a permanent solution, simply on-going treatment and expense.

The majority of clients require a maximum of 2 FUE procedures in a lifetime, although the second procedure is generally only ever required in areas where the hairline has receded further at a later date after the initial transplant. Indeed, a significant number of clients achieve fantastic results with only one procedure and the time delay to any potential second procedure can be a number of years.

The cost of a procedure is clearly dependent on several factors including a persons existing hair characteristics and their desired result. The planning of the transplant will include the potential for further loss and most efficient use of the available donor hair for the clients lifetime.

Guide prices

Guide prices are indicated below.


Approx 1,000 grafts


Receding Hairline

Approx 2,000


Finance packages available from our licensed Partners – available on request